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Hi friends,

We've finished our new player gyms plugin and it is now finally released. There will be 18 gyms for all 18 types. We've been going through gym leader applications to fill all the spots! There will be approximately 2-3 leaders per gym to cover all timezones. 

As of last night: Grass, Ground, Fire, Ice, Electric, and Rock only have ONE applicant. With that said: Steel, Dark, Poison, Fairy, and Bug only have TWO applicants. As mentioned previously, we are looking for about 3 of each. Make sure to get your applications posted!

Player gyms have been officially released- please allow a couple days to a full week for all gyms to be fully operational- with a few gyms only receiving one applicant it may be hard to battle a handful of them. We also have about 50 leaders to add in as we are able to contact them, teach the commands to them and get them acquainted with the new system.

Player Gyms:

  • Player Gyms are finally back- with a full recode!
  • Added the ability for specific badges you must have before challenging others(ie Elite 4)
  • We can now ban specific moves and pokemon if it comes down to it
  • Added a gym rules command /gym rules <gym> or /gym info <gym>
  • Admins can freely teleport to gyms locations to make edits (finally)
  • Badge screen now displays what leader you defeated and what date
  • You can now show off the party you won with on badges as well
  • Gyms are now color-coded based on type
  • You now receive a notification when someone challenges a gym
  • You now receive a notification if you are disqualified
  • We can now edit all gym aspects via command, as well as greate new gyms

Salt Shaker:

  • Salt Shaker has received an upgrade!
  • No longer uses redstone to cause those massive lag spikes
  • Now uses a custom plugin that fairly drops items evenly across an area


  • Fixed a few exploits with Bows. Thanks for the reports!
  • Naturally spawning structures such as shrines, ghost towers, and custom ones are back
    • More will come this week- keep an eye out in the wild
  • Double EXP Weekends are back! Enjoy 2X EXP every weekend
Tommy06Pag Hi, how many times can I challenge the gyms a day?

We've updated to Pixelmon Generations v2.1.0! You must update to join :) v2.1.0 fixes numerous bugs, adds in Pyukumuku and Dusk Lycanroc, added move descriptions, categories, and weather icons to battle GUI. This update also added Cosplay Pikachu and numerous new blocks. Recipes have also returned so you can craft items again. For the full changelog, view #announcements in our Discord.

You can download the Pixelmon Generations Modpack from here:

Don't want to use Technic? You can download the JAR from here:

PippaSmith Eeeek! Have only just started playing with it and I see the PC search bar! My dreams have come true!! No more will I sea...
PippaSmith Omg how do you do it?? Hope you get time to relax and play too. It's very very much appreciated! &lt;3
PikaZaps Dang, and I was gonna get the dusk form but I never new it was coming so I midday

Hey everyone!

We've heard your feedback about receiving disguises, hats, sashes, particles in crates are a pain if you receive the reward twice- ruining the value of the crate for you. No more! You now will receive Cosmetic Points and can use those points to purchase what you want.

Cosmetic Shop:

  • New Cosmetic Shop with Cosmetic Points
  • Earn Cosmetic Points from Crates
  • Spend cosmetic points to purchase sashes, hats, particles, and disguises
  • Fixes the annoying issue with winning the same disguises twice in a crate
  • Access the cosmetic shop with /cosmetics
  • You can also purchase Cosmetic Points with in-game cash
  • All disguises are seasonal and will be swapped out occasionally


  • No longer will select Pokemon with null abilities
  • Fixed a dupe with eggs

New Crates:

  • Summer Crate
  • Tropical Crate
  • Fathers Crate
  • If you have a Mothers Crate, Flower Crate, or Spring Crate Key- contact an admin to redeem
  • 33% off sale with Tropical Crate bonus until June 1st


  • Fixed ClearLag removing 1.12 items such as Shulker Chests that were dropped
  • Removed the Rewards: amount from crate previews as it wasn't accurate
  • Added a cooldown to /weather to prevent abuse
  • Fixed /pay not informing who you paid they received money
  • Added a log system to BattlePoint Shop
  • Added Milk buckets to Food Shopkeeper
  • PokeDolls have been swapped out in Vote Crate
  • PokeHunt #5 has been updated to give a Battle Crate key
  • Added /staffonline to view all the staff currently on
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