Hey everyone! We've got several bug fixes, suggestion contest results, and 12 days of deals and giveaways starting now!

Auction House

  • Fixed AH listing a random slot if an invalid slot number
  • Fixed owned PokeQuests being able to be sold (pending server restart tonight)

Cosmetic Shop

  • Fixed Cosmetic Shop displaying you own all items
  • Updated Cosmetic Shop for winter themed Pokemon

12 Days of Deals

  • Begins now
  • Each day a new deal in shop will be available for one day
  • Added several new payment methods via PaymentWall
  • 33% off entire store during the 12 Days of Deals

12 Days of Giveaways

  • Begins December 12th
  • Each day a new giveaway will be hosted on our Discord
  • Join our Discord!

Suggestion Contest Winners

  • Coupon Codes are as follows:
  • SuggestionContest1 (if you won one)
  • SuggestionContest2 (if you won two)
  • SuggestionContest3 (if you won three)
  • Only the listed winners below can claim these codes, they are locked to these MC usernames ONLY so don't waste your time trying to claim if your name isn't on this list below
  • If you have a (2) or (3) it means you qualify for 2 or 3 of those coupons
  • Snaxy
  • Vynnqor (2)
  • TeddySmurf
  • Tommy06Pag (2)
  • Sandile
  • Rotting_Flesh (2)
  • HuskyPenguin_ (2)
  • The_Kursed_One
  • Crafty6uy_78
  • LazyB38
  • Mojello
  • BigBroCreep
  • SouIblighter
  • Floatzell
  • 618_ForeveR_
  • UnboundOblivion
  • Delirax (3)
  • Xhadomancer
  • WetMoose
  • PandoraMoss
  • Thank you for your submissions and I apologize for posting these so late. We look forward to adding some of these suggestions soon!
Quagthistle Oh, the Giveaways are only for those who can use Discord? (Discord is very disability unfriendly and, sadly, seems to ha...

New Crates

[Owner] Dysthymic a posted Dec 2, 18

Hey friends,

We've got new crates!

  • Winter Crate has replaced Fall Crate
  • SnowflaKey has replaced TurKey Crate
  • CooKey has replaced Thanksgiving Crate
  • New crates have been added to the shop
  • 35% off sale celebrating the new crates

New Winter PokeQuest!

  • Rewards: 2 SnowflaKeys and a Random Shiny
  • Obtainable through the Winter Crate
  • Will be added to the PokeHunts as a reward as we get closer to the holidays

New PokeHunt Rewards!

  • PokeHunt #5 now gives SnowflaKey Crate and Legendary Raid Pass instead of Turkey Crate and Turkey PokeQuest
  • PokeHunt #4 now gives Rare PokeQuest instead of Beautifly PokeQuest

Old Town Purging!

  • We now have a BETA system in place that logs all inactive towns
  • A town will be marked inactive if the leader, executives, and members are ALL offline for 100 days or more
  • Inactive towns will be reviewed by admins on a case-by-case basis and will only be removed manually

Black Friday Sales are live!

    • $0.70 PayPal fee is disabled during this sale
    • 10% PaymentWall fee is disabled during this sale
  • All purchases $10 and under* have the following bonuses (Green Sale Icon)
    • Thanksgiving Crate on every Purchase
  • All purchases ABOVE $10 and BELOW $25* have the following bonuses (Blue Sale Icon)
    • Random Special Pokemon on every purchase
    • Thanksgiving Crate on every purchase
  • All purchases ABOVE $25* have the following bonuses (Red Sale Icon)
    • TWO Random Special pokemon on every purchase
    • Thanksgiving Crate on every purchase
    • Turkey Crate on every purchase
  • Special bundles are available
    • Battle Pack
    • Breeder Pack
    • Shiny Pack
  • All sales end Monday, November 26th at 11:59PM EST

* Per item, does not apply to combined total purchase amount. IE two $5 items combining to $10 would receive two $5 and under bonuses, not the $10 bonus.

Hey everyone!

We've restructured the data save format for Cosmetic Points, Battle Points, and Badges to fix up viewing offline data. We've added an automatic conversion system which will convert your current Cosmetic Points, Battle Points, and Badges to the new format, all you need to do is log in! We'll have this conversion system in the server for one month. You MUST log into the server at least once this month in order for your points and badges to save.

  • Fixed viewing badges of other online players (now we can release E4)
  • Fixed viewing offline Battle Points and Cosmetic Points
  • Fixed PokeHunts resetting at 7PM instead of 8PM EST (Daylight savings)
  • New PokeQuest: Beautifly PokeQuest
    • Catch and defeat several Beautifly to obtain the special form of Beautifly, 1 Turkey Crate Key, and a Random Shiny!
    • You can obtain Beautifly PokeQuests from PokeHunt #4

Hey everyone! Hope you enjoyed your Halloween and the freebies we gave out with the Wednesday Giveaway. Now, we're entering November which means new themed content!

  • Trick or Treat Crate is being replaced with the Thanksgiving Crate
  • Halloween Crate is being replaced with the TurKey Crate
  • Introducing the new Thanksgiving PokeQuest:
    • We need intel on some Flying Type Pokemon! The tasks will ask you to defeat or catch the following Pokemon:
      • Doduo, Pidgeotto, Butterfreee, Fearow, Noibat, Ledian, Swellow, Beautifly, Swablu, Altaria, Staraptor, Tranquill, Ducklett, Toucannon
    • Thanksgiving PokeQuest is currently only obtainable via the TurKey Crate
    • Completing the Thanksgiving PokeQuest will yield the following rewards:
      • 2 TurKey Crate Keys
      • Random Shiny
      • Shiny Substitute PokeDoll- Only obtainable via Thanksgiving PokeQuest
    • Once enough Thanksgiving PokeQuests have been completed, we'll have a new PokeQuest soon to gather futher intel
    • For the first 7 days of November, the TurKey Crate will be obtainable via PokeHunt #5
  • Added all the new castle blocks to Decoration Shopkeeper
  • Fixed Castle Block recipes
Dudex11a When exactly will the Trick or Treat and Halloween Crates expire?
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