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    Mo' Fixes & Enhancements

    [Owner] Dysthymic a
    Dysthymic @ Harmony
    posted Nov 30, 17

    Hello everybody! As promised, we've patched up all known bugs within our custom plugins this month to provide a much more enjoyable experience for you all. We're now prepping some awesome events to release closer to the holidays, as well as finishing up our custom town system. Cheers to an awesome December full of fun events coming soon!

    New Key System:

    • /keys commands remain the same
    • We have converted all old locks to the new system
    • Fixed an exploit related to chests
    • You can now set different types of locks:
      • Private Lock: The current standard 
      • Public Lock: Anyone can access, just applies breaking protection
      • Password Lock: Only players with the password can access
      • Donation Lock: Anybody can deposit, only lock owners can withdraw

    New Crates:

    • CooKey: A sweet treat full of epic goods
    • Solstice: Contains high end loot and some near battle-ready Pokemon
    • SlowflaKey: Contains some chillingly rare prizes
    • Festive: Gear up for the holidays with new Disguises plus sashes and hats
    • New Crates will be obtainable starting December 1st


    • Elite 4 challengers now properly lose their E4 Badges if they lose an E4 challenge
    • Elite 4 should now be fully functional once more. Enjoy!



    • Fixed a couple exploits- Thank you community for reporting
    • All Tournaments for the month of December have been posted
    • All Wednesday Giveaways for the month of December have been posted
    • Top Voter Rewards will be checked on December 1st & rewards will be sent in the following days
    • ClearLag is back and no longer wipes dropped chests from the ground
      • Due to our custom chest backpack plugin, chests originally could not properly be added to the whitelist system due to all the custom NBT tags
    • Crate Keys are now stackable once again (only new keys from now onwards)

    Updated to Pixelmon Generations v1.2.1

    [Owner] Dysthymic a
    Dysthymic @ Harmony
    posted Nov 27, 17

    We've updated to Pixelmon Generations v1.2.1! You must update to join :) v1.2.1 is a hotfix for the log spam that caused heavy performance issues for some users, as well as a few other minor bug fixes.

    You can download the Pixelmon Generations Modpack from here:

    Don't want to use Technic? You can download the JAR from here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1wYooT2_Fa8ly_CuaL2dcap_vUZd6N9wi/view?usp=sharing

    NiguraDS Hi! Thaks for the update, i really like pokemon on minecraft and I have just one question, you guys plan on doing the up...

    Holiday Events & Pixelmon 1.2 Update

    [Owner] Dysthymic a
    Dysthymic @ Harmony
    posted Nov 24, 17


    Hello friends! We've activated some exciting boosts for everybody to enjoy during our Black Friday & Thanksgiving celebrations. Don't forget to claim your Wednesday Giveaway... Everybody can claim a free Thanksgiving Crate!!!

    We've updated to Pixelmon Generations v1.2!

    You can download the Pixelmon Generations Modpack from here:

    Don't want to use Technic? You can download the JAR from here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1P7pH_bjLa0wTyZIr35iVcQzm9ws4Wmwa/view

    For the entire week we have the following:

    • 2x Legend Spawn Rates
    • 2x Pokemon Spawn Rates
    • 2x Vote Rewards
    • 2x Vote Points
    • 2x Egg Hatching Speed
    • 2x Move Tutor Spawn Rates
    • 2x Shiny Spawn Rates
    • 3x Experience Points
    • Limited Time Shop Items are back!
    • Special Website Sale 30% OFF STORE WIDE
    • Vote Shop Sale 30% OFF STORE WIDE
    • Boosts expire on November 26th

    November Kickoff

    [Owner] Dysthymic a
    Dysthymic @ Harmony
    posted Nov 9, 17


    Hey friends, we're excited to say progress on our complete town plugin recode is going smoothly. We're also working with developers to finish fixing up the final small batch of bugs that remain and we'll be bug free(aside from general Pixelmon bugs). We're expecting everything to come to a nice close at the end of the month, perfectly timed for the Holiday festivities to begin.


    • "Create a Pokemon" has been rebranded as "Choose a Pokemon" with the same customizations
    • Every Pokemon has been added to the "Choose a Pokemon" shop items
    • Legendary Bundles have been removed in favor of a new "Create a Legendary" shop item
      • "Choose a Legendary" has the same customizable options as the old "Create a Pokemon" item
    • Added negative IV nodes in "Customize your Pokemon" for further customization
    • A new sale is live! 20% off store wide + a bonus Flash crate with every purchase

    New Scrolls:

    • Nature Scroll- Pops open a menu to select which nature you wish
    • Hidden Power Scroll- Pops open a menu to change your Poke's IVs to reflect a Hidden Power Type
    • Shiny Scroll- Turns your Pokemon into a Shiny
    • NOTICE: OLD Scrolls (about 2 months old) will no longer work and need replaced by Admins
      • Some scrolls newer than 2 months old seem to also be affected, don't worry! Contact an admin and we can replace them


    • Pokemon Go subforum has been removed
    • YouTube subforum has been rebranded as Streaming & Let's Plays


    • 3 New Crates have been released- Read more here
    • Brand New Crate System!
      • Old Crate Keys will no longer work
      • We've implimented a trading platform to trade old keys for new keys
        • Hold the old keys in your hand
        • Type: /crateswap
      • You can now punch crates to display the contents within


    • Top Voter Rewards for October have been sent out
    • Top Voter Rewards for November have been posted
    • Tournaments for the month of November have been posted
    • Wednesday Giveaways for the month of November have been posted
    • Halloween Event is now over! We hope you enjoyed it!
    • We'll be hosting several Giveaways throughout the following days on our Discord!
    Lady_Crow Hey, want to let you know that when I went in to swap my vote keys, the door did not close behind me when on the pressur...
    Tr0ng Well, I guess with that breeding is obsolete. It was fun while it lasted, boys ^^ .
    PippaSmith OOOHH! Sorry for caps :) Lovely ideas thanks so much for this!

    Halloween & Generations Update

    [Owner] Dysthymic a
    Dysthymic @ Harmony
    posted Oct 29, 17

    UPDATE: We have updated to v1.1! Links are below

    Hello friends! We've updated to Pixelmon Generations v1.1! You must update in order to play Pixelmon Harmony & Chaos. This update fixes numerous bugs and adds a couple new Pokemon. If you are unable to join still, please create a ticket and we will investigate and fix you up ASAP. 

    You can download the Pixelmon Generations ModPack from here:

    Don't want to use Technic? You can download the JAR from here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B2TlVOR6-ajKd01DY2UzTnJBNEE/view?usp=sharing


    • Fixed new town claims not saving after a restart
    • Our complete recode of towns is nearly finished- ETA 1 to 2 weeks
    • We apologize for the inconveniences as of lately and we are now back to normal


    • Added Protector to Evolution's shop
    • Lowered Golden Hourglass to 8,000 PokeCoins


    • PayDay is back

    Halloween Events:

    • Spawn has been decorated
    • Murder Mystery MiniGame is coming back this weekend!
    • /warp Halloween
      • Challenge numerous NPC's for some treats in our haunted mansion
      • Make your way through a pitch black maze for epic loot and battle the Lost Trainer
      • Maneuver through the Parkour section to challenge Trick or Treat Trainers
      • Trick or Treat Trainers have a catch if you lose. They are quite the tricksters
        • Tricks can be: Deleveling some of your Pokemon several levels, making you blind for a few minutes, and much more
        • With some tricks on the line, these Tricksters offer some huge Treats if you win
        • Halloween, Fall, and Costume Crates can be obtained daily through these NPC's
    • Event Buffs ALL WEEK LONG:
      • 2X Shiny Spawn Rates
      • 2X Legendary Spawn Rates
      • 2X Mega Spawn Rates
      • 2X Egg Hatching Speed
      • 2X EXP
    • Crate Pack, Battle Pack, & Shiny Packs are back until November 2nd in the Shop
    Si1entB1ade Anybody else having trouble downloading the new update from the technic launcher?
    Nagiito What minecraft version?
    Si1entB1ade Is the 2X EXP regarding player exp or pokemon exp?

    Murder Mystery

    [Admin] chitech2 ao posted Oct 21, 17

    New game mode has been released for the weekend and will extend until Monday due to late release. Gamemode is: Murder Mystery

    Murder Mystery is a simple and fun Minigame, 1 player is a Murderer and 1 player is a Detective and all the other players are Innocents, the detective and innocents should kill the murder before they get killed by him!



    The murder has a knife, his job is to kill everyone in the game to win if there are still innocent players alive when the timer runs out, the Innocents win, the murder can kill anyone with one hit!


    The Detective his job is defending the Innocents. After the game starts the Detective gets a bow with infinite arrows he should shoot the murder saving the Innocents and winning the game. if the detective killed the wrong person (not the murder) both of them will die and a bow will drop the next one who picks up the bow will be the detective and have a chance to kill the murder.


    All the rest of players are innocents their job is to hide and run to not get killed by the murder they have a chance to collect gold and get a bow to kill the murder(if only the detective were to die) if they hit someone else by accident (not the murder) both of them will die.

    To join Mystery/Game you can go to hub and click on the GameMaster or use your compass in hub and Click on the golden apple. You need 6 players at least to start a game. Rules are no teaming like always and no cheating.. If you think someone is cheating do /report name reason.

    Rewards will be given at the end of the event based on Top Kills,TopWins, TopScore. Rewards can consist of Crates,Keys, etc Any bugs please report then in the #mysterybugs on discord.

    Happy Hunting,


    Kingdomall Is that Aether trying to stab Techy? Explains a lot
    _DeltaWolf_ Awesome!
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