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    Video Contest Results

    By [Owner] Dysthymic a
    Dysthymic @ Harmony
    - Posted Dec 8, 17

    Hey friends! Contest results are in! I'm shocked to say the least- we've had so many submissions... You all have some true talent- I'm jealous! However as you know there can only be one winner, right? Well... We can't decide on a winner for the Trailer submission. We've voted and hit a tie. A 3 way tie.


    SpicyPizza, Statiz, and xGiratina- you three have won the $50 Shop Credit for your Trailer Submissions.
    Lukeno94 has won the Let's Play submission for $50 Shop Credit.

    Help us decide which of the three trailers we should use to officially showcase our server on vote sites by voting here: http://www.strawpoll.me/14579606

    All participants and winners, please create a support ticket to receive your Shop Credit rewards

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