Cosmetic Revamp

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Hey friends!

We've revamped our PokeDisguise, PokeSash, and PokeHats plugins, see below for all the new changes!


  • /pokedisguise will now pop open a GUI to select from your available disguises- no more guessing what disguises you have! Disguises shown are what you have access to
  • You can search for a Disguise with /pokedisguise PokemonName
  • Shiny & Form support have been added! We'll have some new crates with these available soon
  • Normal Disguises will appear as a gold name
  • Shiny Disguises will appear as a green name
  • Form Disguises will appear as a blue name
  • You can now swap between disguises without needing to undisguise first
  • You can now remove disguises by clicking the first button on /pokedisguise (the barrier block)
    • /pokedisguise clear still works


  • Revamped the GUI to use a consistant block type for colors (thanks 1.12 for the Color Update)
  • Color coded the names of Sashes, no longer plain white text
  • Added a remove sash button


  • Color coded the names of Hats, no longer plain white text
  • Added a remove hat button

Website Changes

  • Added a fancy Footer to the bottom of the page with helpful links
  • Made the Discord module match our site theme
  • Website is now mobile friendly and content isn't cut off (finally)
  • Added links to our Facebook,Twitter, and Discord on the Footer
  • All admins will have access to post to our Facebook & Twitter starting tomorrow
  • Follow us for updates on Facebook & Twitter!

Misc Changes

  • Invisible bug is now fixed...
  • Updated crates system for more performance improvements
  • Fixes Occurance chance displaying a value way too low when previewing crates
  • Fixed the out of place purple lore on scrolls in crate preview for our OCD friends
  • Evo Stone items/armor are now exempt from Clear Lag
  • You can now place up to 32 Apricorn trees per chunk
  • Vote Shop sale is live! 20% off Vote Shop with a bonus Rare Candy
  • New Shop sale is live! 30% off sale with a bonus Spring Crate until the end of the month

Reward Swaps

  • Introducing Reward Swaps for a larger variety of winnings
  • Vote Crates have swapped the current 4 PokeDolls to new PokeDolls
  • PokeHunts now give Breeder Crates
  • Shop bonus crate is now Spring Crate
  • We're swapping out rewards every so often to give everyone a chance at winning what they want
  • We'll be expanding this on the next reward swap to swap out even more!

Hey everyone!

We now have a Public EV Training Room! Stay tuned for our plugin revamps starting this week!

  • To access this, /warp PublicEVTraining
  • Each Pokemon will give 1 EV Yield in Public EV Training
  • Ranked players still have access to /warp EVTraining with 3 EV Yields

More Fixes

  • PokeLoots are now fixed! You can now claim Loots once more
  • Remade Hub to be 1.12.2 compatible and vastly reduce the insane lag hub had
  • Optimized the Bungee Network to reduce those pesky timeouts (Timeout issue is Minecraft 1.12.2's fault)
  • Our log blocking system can now log chest actions... We're watching you, griefers!
  • Disabled the annoying trading broadcast
  • Concrete Powder added to Shopkeepers (clay)
  • Glazed Terracotta added to Shopkeepers (clay)
  • All Pokemon have been added to "Choose a Pokemon" in shop and are now up to date
  • Fixed Chisels not working
  • Fixed Beacon activation range
  • Generated the entire 20k x 20k world for a massive performance boost
  • Added numerous performance optimizations
  • Donors now appear with gold names on TAB list
  • Admins are red on TAB list
  • Mods & MiniMods are light blue on TAB list
  • Helpers are light gray on TAB list
  • Arceus rank text color command is now /textcolor once again
  • /help is fixed- oops
  • Added a bunch of different payment options via PaymentWall for various countries
  • We have nerfed the Harmony Pickaxe and Harmony Multitool Fortune for economy stability
  • Gem prices in Shopkeepers have doubled
  • Max sell price in AH has increased from a 10 million cap to 30 million cap to adjust for the new inflated prices for those really rare pokemon
    • Remember: It's much easier to make money now, prices in AH will eventually catch up to inflation
PippaSmith You have been busy you guys!! Awesome! Thank you so much!!
the_boss200 how do you play the server i need help plz

You can download the Pixelmon Generations Modpack from here:

Don't want to use Technic? You can download the JAR from here:

Server Changes/Fixes:

  • Battle Points Shop is fixed
  • Added Concrete blocks to Clay Shopkeeper
  • Added Shulker Chests to Worldly Shopkeeper
  • Added Jaw & Sail fossils to Fossil Shopkeeper
  • Temporarily patched an exploit- PokeLoots will be enabled again soon!
  • Fixed fall damage
  • Arceus Ranks: /textcolor has been renamed to /coloredtext (we'll add an alias for /textcolor soon)
  • Adventure Crate is fixed
  • Breeder Scrolls are fixed
  • Fixed an exploit with Scrolls
  • Fixed a bug with Random Legendary rewards in crates not being so random
  • /type fixed
  • Applied several performance fixes
  • Automatic daily restarts are back (was disabled to monitor stability)
  • Introducing... Revamps!
    • For all of April, we are revamping every custom plugin to be more future-proof and "modern"
    • Examples will include giving scrolls a proper texture, reducing annoying broadcasts and chat feedback to reduce chat clutter, adding search features to Auction House, clickable buttons in /t info, fixing all reported bugs and many more!
    • We need your suggestions now more than ever! Please drop your suggestions on how we can improve your favorite features
    • We'll be starting as soon as we gather several suggestions for you all! We're expecting to have update posts nearly every other day here with new features and revamps for you once we begin!
Azurite_Dragoon Any online members of your town should be highlighted a different color on the "Tab" player-list
Tr0ng Jesus, I m on fire xD
Tr0ng Oh, change the battle UI toward a standart that is a bit more applicable to competitive pokemon - meaning - Being able t...
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