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    Hello friends, we've reached a deal with PixelSpark to be included in their ModPack. We are still operating as our own server :)

    If you are using the Pixelmon Launcher, you should now use the Technic Launcher as the Pixelmon Launcher will be shut down soon. 

    • You may download the Technic Launcher from here: https://www.technicpack.net/download
      • Scroll down to the green buttons and you can select the launcher for Windows, Mac, or Linux
    • Once you have the Technic Launcher installed, log in with your Minecraft credentials
    • After logging in click on Modpacks at the top and enter into the search field
      • http://api.technicpack.net/modpack/captainsparklez-survival-pack
    • It will then install Pixelmon 5.1.2.
    • Then, simply launch it up, hit Multiplayer, and select our Server from the server list to join

    If you are using the Minecraft Launcher you won't need to do anything.

    We need your support now more than ever! Take advantage of our new shop sale!

    PippaSmith Hang in there guys! Thanks Dys :)
    GR4YSON0306 ok cool im using the luncher so yea but cool rip pixelmon luncher
    XMAS_Titan Ok if you are freezing or crashing please discord me at XMAS_Titan or msg me in game and I will help you reduce lag and ...

    Hello friends,

    I've enjoyed every moment with you all. I just want to thank you all for the support you've given us the past (almost) year. You all are essentially one huge family to me, countless friendships and unforgettable memories.

    As most of you know by now- Pixelmon was shut down tonight. All of you are wondering- What's the fate of Harmony & Chaos? Well, we are working hard and we will continue to offer you all a fun place to stay. Our community has an unbreakable friendship between each other and it is my duty to ensure we all stay close. We're still negotiating all the fine details and we will have everything for you soon :)

    Thank you to all those who have supported us, whether it's donations or voting or just playing and welcoming new players. We need your help now more than ever. Teamwork makes the dream work.

    FoxGirl_Katie Pixelmon is MC's most popular mod, I don't think Nintendo knows the kind of backlash this will generate for th...
    _X_Eevee_X_ this just has to be a prank or joke it HAS TO BE!*cri's 4ever*NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO...
    Lovatic123 Please sign in here: https://www.change.org/p/nintendo-keep-the-pixelmon-mod-alive?source_location=minibar Som...

    5.1.2 Update

    [Owner] Dysthymic a posted Jul 2, 17

    Hello fellow trainers... Pixelmon 5.1.2 has just released! This version includes several game-breaking bug fixes alongside a couple new Pokemon! Please update to continue to play Pixelmon Harmony & Chaos.

    We have updated to version 5.1.2! You need Pixelmon 5.1.2 to join Pixelmon Harmony.

    Installation Instructions

    • Pixelmon Launcher: Create a new Profile or Edit your current one and select 5.1.2 as the version; download and then join as normal.
    • Minecraft Launcher: Download Pixelmon 5.1.2 from here, swap the Pixelmon Jar file with the current one in your mods folder and then join as normal.

    View the full Changelog...

    Please support the PixelmonMod for their hard work! Make a donation here. Donations of $5+ will give you a decorative Pixelmon Sash(Pokeball backpack).

    On a side note; we have some bug fixes and new additions coming to Pixelmon Harmony over the next day or two... Stay tuned!

    [Helper] Blaze_Beast The new launche isn't letting me allocate more than 1GB of RAM
    _X_Eevee_X_ Wonder if my computer will finaly be nice and not lag me

    Hello friends! We've got Town Warps, and Elite 4! Unfortunately our progress on PokeDisguise is a little delayed, but we're hosting another giveaway for them!

    Comment below your favorite Pokemon and you'll be entered into a drawing to win one of 7 early-access Disguises of your favorite Pokemon! You'll be able to disguise as it and walk around as if you were truly a Pokemon!


    • Town Chat has released!
      • You can chat with your town members by toggling Town Chat: /t chat
    • You can interact with & mount Pokemon in claims again
    • Town Warps have been released!
      • You can now set Warps in your town
      • Setting a Warp: /t setwarp WarpNameHere
      • Teleporting: /t warp WarpNameHere
      • Only members of your town can use Town Warps
      • You can view all of your town's warps with: /t warps
    • Fixed an issue with Executives unable to be promoted to Leaders
    • Fixed an issue with Executives unable to kick town members
    • Fixed an issue with promoting, demoting, and kicking offline town members
    • Shrines can be accessed & used by members outside of towns now
    • Fixed /t motd

    Elite Four:

    • The Elite 4 are just around the corner!
    • Added E4 Gyms to /gymlist labled as "Elite1, Elite2, Elite3, Elite4"
    • You must obtain all 18 Badges in order to challenge the E4
    • If you lose an E4 battle, all of your E4 badges are removed & must restart
    • We will be setting a few highly skilled players as E4 this weekend
    • Keep an eye out for our Elite 4 Forum Threads tomorrow for more details!


    • Patched an exploit
    • Revamped Rules! /rules
    • We have sent out all rewards to Top Voters of the Month of June
    • We'll be hosting a special event on July 4th... Stay tuned!
    • Tournaments for the month of July have been posted

    Congratulations to fleurette, Quatrina, and Blaze_Beast for winning the last drawing! They will be obtaining their unique PokeDisguise's on our next update!

    MrxGrey Gardevoir Shiny
    Toothless_Potter I love Charmander because he's not too big and he has a cute face and he has his little tiny belly and to top it al...

    Hey everyone!

    We have tons of new bug fixes and progress coming along for new features. Up next is Town Chat, Poke Disguise, Poke Particles, and Elite 4!
    Comment below your favorite Pokemon and you'll be entered into a drawing to win one of 3 early-access Disguises of your favorite Pokemon! You'll be able to disguise as it and walk around as if you were truly a Pokemon!

    Tweaks, Bug Fixes, New Additions:

    • Towns:
      • Fixed issues with trust access on leaving & kicked from towns
      • Fixed issues with Shrines in SafeZones
      • Fixed Claim Flag issues
      • Setting home in other claims is now fixed
      • Town HQ is now set automatically for your very first claim
    • Gyms:
      • /badges is now a double chest
      • Numerous tweaks to allow for custom player gyms
      • Custom Player Gyms are ready for whoever completes 15 Poke Master Challenges
      • Chaos is now accepting Gym Leader applications
      • We are now reviewing elite players to be selected for Elite 4 on Harmony
    • Miscellaneous:
      • Cake can now be locked with keys by popular request
      • Enhanced performance of chunk unloading
      • Enhanced spawn rate performance
      • Poke Kill now runs hourly
      • Auction House items/pokes now expire after 72 hours vs 48
    BriGuy5 Mudkip!
    [MiniMod] GodCactus Micro Ditto
    Potato_muncher_ I LOVE lugia but she is huge so... LUGIA

    Quick Update

    [Owner] Dysthymic a posted Jun 19, 17

    Hello friends,

    We've patched several issues with towns, we're making a quick update post to also inform everyone that the step command has been removed in favor of the less buggy /eggsteps

    Bugs Fixed:

    • SafeZones now show in /t map
    • Claims duplicating (should be fixed, needs tested throughout the day)
    • Fixed Chisels in Spawn
    • Fixed Boats in Spawn

    New Features:

    • You can now claim PokeLoot in claimed land
    • Stepcounter command is now /eggsteps
    • Expect more within a couple days!

    Congratulations to Duncan56 and Kaboing! Duncan56 has been promoted to MiniAdmin on Harmony, Kaboing has been promoted to MiniAdmin on Chaos!

    [MiniMod] Ironbatman23 Congrats Duncan and Kaboing!!! You guys are awesome! XD
    KermiTheFrog Congrats Duncan and Kaboing!!!
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