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    Murder Mystery

    [Admin] chitech2 a posted Sat at 0:45

    New game mode has been released for the weekend and will extend until Monday due to late release. Gamemode is: Murder Mystery

    Murder Mystery is a simple and fun Minigame, 1 player is a Murderer and 1 player is a Detective and all the other players are Innocents, the detective and innocents should kill the murder before they get killed by him!



    The murder has a knife, his job is to kill everyone in the game to win if there are still innocent players alive when the timer runs out, the Innocents win, the murder can kill anyone with one hit!


    The Detective his job is defending the Innocents. After the game starts the Detective gets a bow with infinite arrows he should shoot the murder saving the Innocents and winning the game. if the detective killed the wrong person (not the murder) both of them will die and a bow will drop the next one who picks up the bow will be the detective and have a chance to kill the murder.


    All the rest of players are innocents their job is to hide and run to not get killed by the murder they have a chance to collect gold and get a bow to kill the murder(if only the detective were to die) if they hit someone else by accident (not the murder) both of them will die.

    To join Mystery/Game you can go to hub and click on the GameMaster or use your compass in hub and Click on the golden apple. You need 6 players at least to start a game. Rules are no teaming like always and no cheating.. If you think someone is cheating do /report name reason.

    Rewards will be given at the end of the event based on Top Kills,TopWins, TopScore. Rewards can consist of Crates,Keys, etc Any bugs please report then in the #mysterybugs on discord.

    Happy Hunting,


    Old Town Purge

    [Owner] Dysthymic ao
    Dysthymic @ Harmony
    posted Oct 7, 17

    Hello friends, we're initiating a town purge tonight which will remove old Town Claims in which EVERY member of the town has been offline for over 60 days. This will greatly help with our restart times. If you have been online in the past 2 months you will not be affected.

    Town Purge:

    • Towns which EVERY Member, Executive, and Leader have ALL been offline for over 60 days will have their claims removed tonight. This will greatly help restart times
    • We still have an anti-griefing policy, do not grief these old unclaimed towns
    • You are allowed to reclaim some parts of these towns for your own use if you wish- PLEASE NOTE if any members of the town rejoin within the next 2 weeks, we will ask you to unclaim it again
    • We will NOT be removing locks from chests of old players just in case they ever do come back
    • This is the final town purge and is only a "Band-Aid" to help with our long restart times while we are coding a fresh and brand new town system
    • If you have town claims that you are not using, please unclaim them. We need to reduce the amount of claims we have to help with restart times
    • We will have a fresh and brand new town system, completely custom within a month. If you would like to help us develop this town system with some awesome new features you can suggest ideas on our Discord under #town-suggestions. https://discordapp.com/invite/mX7QE3


    • Fixed Typo on Hidden Ability Scrolls
    • Fixed new Perfect IV Scrolls being broken
    • Fixed Delevel Scrolls not giving Level Scrolls in return

    Halloween Preparation & Bug Fixes

    [Owner] Dysthymic ao
    Dysthymic @ Harmony
    posted Oct 4, 17

    Hello everyone! We've achieved great progress fixing our town system (the cause of the long restart times). Once this is finished up, we can focus purely on fun new features for all! We are preparing for our epic Halloween Events... Stay tuned for updates soon!


    • /phunt redeem has been removed, you now automatically receive your rewards
    • PokeHunts deliver your rewards automatically when you Catch the Pokemon, Claim the Egg from a breeding station, and also upon Evolving the Pokemon. Buying them from AH or /pgift'ing will not reward the prizes


    • Fixed issues where numerous players would never automatically receive their purchased good from the Shop and Vote Shop
    • Crate Packs, Battle Packs, and Shiny Packs are back this week only!
    • We've permanently reduced the prices on our Legendary Bundles
    • New Wednesday Giveaways are live... Stay tuned for free Crates in our Wednesday Giveaways as we near Halloween


    • Chorus Fruit has been removed from the Farmer/Seeds NPC
    • Top Voter rewards for September have been issued
    • Tournaments for the month of October have been posted
    • Fixed Scrolls breaking in Auction House
    Paintbrush I'm curious as to why you've banned Chorus Fruit. Is it because it teleports people?
    LuKy_Hidan thanks for the updates!

    Game Events

    [Admin] chitech2 a posted Sep 28, 17

    Good afternoon,

    Many of you have been asking what the "Mystery Server" is. The "Mystery Server" is where I will be hosting game events where you can compete and win prizes on either Chaos, or Harmony, depending on which you choose. These events will consist of different gamemodes. This weekend’s game is going to be UHC. Your main objective is to be that last person eliminate all other players and be the last player alive. If you suspect someone to be cheating, make sure you report them by doing "/report <playername>" as well as let an online staff member know. I will be online to monitor everything throughout most games.

    Game Rules:
    All rules from the main servers (Do /rules)
    No Cheating or Hacking of any sort
    Please respect all players and staff. Trash talking isn't allowed either. Show good sportsmanship. 

    Each game will consist of a maximum of 25 players at a time. You are required to have at least 8 players to start a game. After each game. it will take about 2 minutes for the server to restart and generate a new world. Each game will be different. If you didn’t make it into the game, you will still have the option to spectate.
    To access the "Mystery Server", you will have to go to the main hub and find the NPC named "GameMaster" and right click on him to join.

    -Techy <3

    sotam05 So is this a hunger games kind of a game?
    Arkedion :d sounds awesome. #GoodGuyTechy

    PokeHunts & Town Fixes

    [Owner] Dysthymic ao
    Dysthymic @ Harmony
    posted Sep 21, 17

    Hello everyone! We have an exciting new feature... PokeHunts! We've also fixed up the restart time on Harmony & Chaos. Enjoy!!!


    • You can now delete town warps! /t delwarp WarpName
    • Numerous Town Bug fixes are coming soon!!!
    • We've fixed the reboot time on Harmony & Chaos. It no longer takes 15-20 minutes to boot up... It now restarts in a minute :)


    • Introducing... PokeHunts! Complete these quests every day to earn rewards. You may only use wild-caught pokemon that you caught yourself for these challenges!
    • /phunts list
      • This will list all of the current Hunts available
      • Hunts reset every day
    • There are 5 tiers of hunts, meaning 5 hunting quests daily
      • 1. Catch the Specified Pokemon
      • 2. Catch the Specified Pokemon with a specific Nature
      • 3. Catch the Specified Pokemon with a specific Nature AND Ability
      • 4. Catch the Specified Pokemon with its Hidden Ability
      • 5. Catch the Specified Pokemon with its Hidden Abiility AND specific Nature
    • Each tier of hunt offers its own rewards. Higher tiers obviously give better rewards
      • 1. 8 Ultra Balls, 2 Rare Candies, 1k PokeCoins
      • 2. 4 Rare Candies, 1 Battle Point, 2.5k PokeCoins
      • 3. 8 Rare Candies, 4 Battle Points, 5k PokeCoins
      • 4. 16 Rare Candies, 1 Book Crate, 10k PokeCoins
      • 5. 32 Rare Candies, 1 Legendary Crate, 25k PokeCoins, caught Poke becomes Shiny
    • Once you have caught the Pokemon, you will automatically receive your rewards
    sotam05 Are poke-hunts different for every player, or are they all the same? Also, does hatching an egg, trading, and wonder tr...

    Updated to Pixelmon Dark 2.4

    [Owner] Dysthymic ao
    Dysthymic @ Harmony
    posted Sep 19, 17

    Hello friends! We've updated to Pixelmon Dark v2.4! You must update in order to play Pixelmon Harmony. This update fixes the game breaking Hoopa & Darkrai bugs & a couple new remodels. If you are unable to join still, please create a ticket and we will investigate and fix you up ASAP. 

    You can download the Pixelmon Dark ModPack from here:

    Don't want to use Technic? You can download the JAR from here: http://www.mediafire.com/file/educ9fa32s488s9/PixelmonDark2.4.jar

    Due to the issues we've had you endure, we are hosting a week long boosted event for you all!

    For the entire week we have the following:

    • 2x Legend Spawn Rates
    • 2x Pokemon Spawn Rates
    • 2x Vote Rewards
    • 2x Vote Points
    • 2x Egg Hatching Speed
    • 3x Experience Points
    • 3x Move Tutor Spawn Rates
    • 3x Shiny Spawn Rates
    • Limited Time Shop Items are extended until September 24
    no0b_killer Dys always putting up those nice boosters. Thanks! :d
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